Wintersleep and My Return

Yes, I know. I'm the least loyal blogger in the whole of the World Wide Web. According to my last post, it's been two months since I've posted. I can explain myself and I can sum this delay up with the words: higher education. Since starting school this September things have been off the charts insane about 90 percent of the time and sleeping 10 percent of the time. But, I finally had a spare 1 percent of time to write you guys who are still reading this little apologetic message and to post two new playlists for you guys! The first playlist is Wintersleep, as I'm hoping to go to a Wintersleep concert coming up at the end of the month so, I've been listening to them a ton in order to actually learn their songs. The second is the Arkells, a band who I actually got to see recently and my roommate got me addicted to. They're opening for Lights in her U.S. upcoming tour so, very jealous that I won't be able to go to that! You U.S. readers should check it out!


Mmmm Monday

1. Swaggin' Skeleton fist
2. Wearing my anatomically correct heart on my shirt
3. Looks like Alexandre McQueen. Anything with skulls makes me think of that brand.
4. Cute spring look! I love weather that's cool enough for layering.
5. Neon neon neon! What's not to love?
6. Major plans to replicate this outfit. Am I the only one who actually likes her new Twiggy haircut?
7. Love this photo and Miranda and Rag & Bone
8. Do I need to say again how much I love backless dresses?
9. Simple Street Style
10. So beautiful!
11. Amazing leather body harness. I would love to wear this over a plain white maxi dress...


Instagram Summer

1. Terrific Toronto skyline with Echo Beach on the right! A particularly sandy concert venue, I have the evidence in my shoes.
2. Horsing around with my pal on the train to Gambino!
3. Casual parrot strolling around the halls at work.
4. Niagara Fallin'
5. Oh Canada Day
6. Best impulse purchase ever. This lovely ring reminds me of the Hunger Games.
7. Standing out in my colourful glasses in the crowd.
8. 5% of all the stuff I have to pack for my trip up north. Can't go anywhere without my lama bag and Blue Jays vintage muscle tee.
9. Shot of Mr. Donald Glover himself. Pretty sure I was crowd surfing while I took this photo...


New and Improved Sloth Money

I'm sure many of you have noticed the link to the right of this post that features my little online t-shirt shop called Sloth Money. Finally, I've been able to create my own original graphic designs for the shop and I hope you will all check them out! These photos are just a preview! Very soon, we at Sloth Money will have a tumblr and twitter group going so you guys can keep up to date with our going-ons! I'll have those links up for you guys once they're up and running and feel free to directly message us on tumblr or twitter with suggestions or if you would like a particular design on a different product we can certainly set that up on request. I really hope you guys love the designs and please check it out!
P.S. Hope you all like the new, melting banner! I made it last night while relaxing at the cottage, happy summer!


Marina and the Diamonds

Every once in a while on tumblr, I've noticed photographs of a girl with extremely blonde hair, bold lower lashes and a black heart on the side of her face. It took me quite some time to find out that this girl was Marina of the musical group Marina and the Diamonds, whom I have now grown to love. The official music video for their song Primadonna is probably the most hipster video I've ever seen. 


Official Cool Boys Video

The official music video is finally out for Cool Boys by Phoenix Kelly! Give it a watch and a listen! I was actually supposed to be in the video but, I had family stuff so I couldn't. After seeing the finished product, I'm even more disappointed that I couldn't be in it! So proud of Lizz, hope this is one of many to come in the future. 


Alex Clare

I've developed quite the affection for dub-step, I must say. I can't say I love straight dub-step beats but, I like when there's some techno thrown into the background of a great song. This is exactly what you'll find in the works of Alex Clare, a British singer-songwriter. All the songs I have on this playlist today come from his debut album, The Lateness of the Hour which was released around this time last year under Island Records. The most popular single on the record is definitely Too Close, which gained popularity after being featured in an Internet Explorer 9 commercial this year. It went on to peak at #1 on the German charts, #4 in the UK and #68 in the US.
P.S. Clare actually dated probably one of my favourite artists, Amy Winehouse, for about year.
P.P.S. The music video for Too Close is available for free on iTunes this week!


Summer Loafting

1. Still searching for a perfectly vintage pair of denim shorts for this summer. I've gone through Value Village but, I haven't found anything so far!
2. My look these days is kind of like this, a mix of feminine and masculine pieces. I love the cute floral blouse with the snap-back hat.
3. I love sexy one-pieces, I find bikini's so irritating. I still want a Black Milk graphic swimsuit!
4. I just thought this was a pretty picture so I threw it in.
5. I just got a Hawaiian tank top like this from a thrift store!
6. I'm really into little layered jewellery pieces this summer.
7. My obsession with Blake Lively's hair will never end. I really want to see Savages!
8. Love love love Vanessa's style.
9. Tortoise shell glasses are so chic.
10. Shiny shoes make the outfit.
11. Spiky things.
This is my first post in almost a month, pretty ridiculous. I've been more busy this summer than I was during the year with full time work and preparing for university, as well as socializing! Hopefully you all can forgive me in time and I hope you guys are having amazing summers as well! I'll try to pick up the pace a little bit with the posts, very soon I'll be doing on featuring the Cool Boys music video so, get excited.
P.S. Does anyone know of an online graphic design program, like Adobe Illustrator? I really need to make some digital illustrations but, lack of money prevents me from buying an actual program.